Aldous Huxley – The Devils of Loudun

Every Age has its devils

Huxley’s work is not simple but it’s fascinating and, in its own way, very up-to-date. Halfway between the novel and the historical/philosophicalessay, it recreates, very accurately, a case of mass hysteria, set in the French province in the seventeenth century. The “demonic possession” of Sister Jeanne and her other sisters is the ideal pretext to – using a witchcraft charge – get rid ofa pleasure-seeker, abusive, and self-centered priest, so arrogant to often step on powerful people’s toes The “villain” of the story so turns into the appointed victim, and the “good ones”, blinded by superstition and obscurantism, become mere political tools. Warning: never let anyone make a fool of you, especially who cries “to hell”! Any kind of it.

Translation by Silvia Accorrà (edited by Sara Di Girolamo)