Martin Amis – The Information


Electrifying Writing

The Information is a novel which narrates the friendship between two forty year old men, former fellow students. Both are unlucky writers, they live their profession and they meet each other frequently. But the unsuccessful writer viscerally hates the other one, unaware successful novelist, even if he keeps spending time with him. The story, cleverly conceived and wisely narrated, is the pretext to blame the entire publishing world , real protagonist of the event: the stereotypes linked to the literary world are pilloried, making the most sordid sin shine in every page, envy. Striking is the parallelism of human events and the mysterious motions of the cosmos, to which the narrator often refers, while London shines in the background, in one thousand shades. A writing that is successful in being original and captivating, with an uncommon beautiful incipit.

Translation by Clara Arosio (edited by Sara Di Girolamo)

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Giorgio Olivari
Giorgio Olivari was born in Brescia in the last century. He has been a professional in the field of industrial design for more than thirty years. After the first forty years as a reader he discovered writing by chance: a life’s joke. His forever partner enrolls him in a creative writing course: maybe for fun, more likely to get rid of him. A spark that, once lit, does not go out but becomes a narrative, stories, thoughts; some of which published by BESA in “Pretesti Sensibili - Sensitive Excuses” (2008). His first collection of short stories, “Futili Emotivi- Futile Emotions”, was published by Carta & Penna Editore in 2010. His passion for literature led him to “infect” other readers by coordinating reading groups: “Arcobaleno” in Paderno Franciacorta, “Chiare Lettere” in Nave. He actively collaborates with the literary magazine Inkroci with reviews and stories.