Antonio Pennacchi – The Mussolini Canal


The Agro Pontino’s Curse

The Peruzzi family counts three generations. Led by a couple of grandparents, so different in their characters to perfectly complete each other, and by the valiant uncle Pericle, the multitude of sons, daughters and grandchildren cover fifty years of the italian History and move from side to side of the Peninsula. Because the Peruzzis are one of the thousands families who emigrated, because of Fascism, from the north of Italy to the Agro Pontino, that was restored to be cultivable again and triumphantly divided by the Canale Mussolini.
A family saga described with the simple tone of campfire story, full of funny and touching moments. The italian political events flow, dragging the characters and the reader in a whirlwind of memories, emotions and curses screamed in Venetian dialect.

Translation by the author (edited by Sara Di Girolamo)

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Silvia Littardi
Silvia Littardi never listens to common sense in taking her choices. That’s why she enrolled in Modern Literature. She got a nice bachelor’s degree and then a beautiful master’s degree in literature, theater and movie arts. All in all, she spent a quarter of a century studying, reading books and comics and watching all the movies she could. To cut a long story short, she hasn't done anything good yet, but she's happy all the same, because she was so lucky to do only what she liked to. Now the poor simple girl hopes to continue like this for all her life. Perhaps she might well come to her senses again, and begin to face the hard reality, but whenever she loses her faith the human beings surprise her with kind and unexpected answers. So she begins to write again.