Andrea Staid – The Stateless

A change is possible

In this brief but enlightening essay, anthropologist Andrea Staid analyzes power and work from the point of view of primitive societies, guiding us to a fundamental discovery: the so-called democracy of most Western states, actually based on dominion of man over man, is not the most evolved form of government. Many archaic societies, contrary to the thesis of capitalist ideology, were not poor and they lived in harmony, having leaders who ruled only for the honor that ruling involved. The enslavement of labor has been imposed over the centuries to create a surplus, to the detriment of a shared sense of solidarity. As has already been proven, redistributing power to all components of the community is possible, creating a truly egalitarian society and stopping the practice of labor for the production of a surplus. In fact, “the social structure is a ‘choice’ and diversity is a value.” The exploitation of man by man is only one of many possible choices.
A fundamental book that makes us reflect on our condition and suggests ways to reclaim our full human dignity.

Translation by Silvia Accorrà (edited by Roma O’Flaherty)