Vita Sackville-West – All Passion Spent

An exemplar choice

Lady Slane has always been a sweet and submissive lady, a caring mother of six children and an invaluable help to her husband, at the time the viceroy of the Indies, for seventy years of marriage. For this reason, at the Count’s death, she surprises everyone by going to live alone in a little village in the countryside, away from her family and from the world. Here, surrounded by precious memories and few friends, she’s finally able to reflect, allowing the reader to discover the secret life of a woman who, at the age of seventeen, had to give up all her aspirations because of social impositions.
A delicate yet vivid portrait, a perfect example of the status of women during the period the author herself lived in. Every Passion Spent is a little gem that reveals universal realities with a calm and simple, but never ordinary, voice.

English version edited by Irene Tossi