Heinrich Heine – Who killed Mozart? Who beheaded Haydn? Crimes for music lovers


Human legends

Musicians can reach fame and even enter the Pantheon, but only the really great ones can handle a mediocre life and an ordinary – or even petty – character, so that the only thing that is remembered is their art.
In order to make some great artists’ biographies more interesting, Heine looks into details and original point of views about each one of them, succeeding in full, from the most notorious cases – such as Mozart’s mysterious death – to the oddest ones, like Paganini’s claimed diabolic nature.
It turns out to be a rare little book, a refined work made of enjoyable assumptions that nonetheless are based on real and rigorous facts. Some of these terse, strong and unforgettable portraits can’t help remaining impressed in the readers’ minds.

Translation by Sara Di Girolamo