Will Eisner – Last Day in Vietnam

War as an experience

Eisner, through the collection “War stories”, brings the reader to Vietnam and to Korea with reports told in first person by the characters themselves; the anecdotes are equipped with engaging drawings. As the army was getting used to more sophisticated weapons, it was extremely important for the soldiers to understand how the new machines worked. The graphic expedient, then, showed itself as a quick and intuitive tool which fulfilled this aim; as follows, Eisner began his career as an illustrator.
Even though Eisner was widespread known for the masked detective “Spirit”, in this collection the author guides the reader through his personal experience, without prejudices, in one of the worst conditions men can ever live doing that with empathy, expertise and with no rhetoric.
The art of comics beautified by the hands of an astute and smart man. A little masterpiece.

Translation by Francesca Pietroboni (edited by Sabrina Macchi)