Jack London – The Paths Men Take

The Paths Men Take is a book that presents a wide selection of photographs taken by Jack London during his travels, accompanied by an anthology based on some of his works of fiction and journalism, along with his journals. The author, who defined his shots as human documents, takes us with him into the adventurous reports that have seen him as a protagonist.

A surprising discovery: Jack London as a man as well as writer, journalist and photographer: a witness of his time. For those who are looking for real adventure, a collection of reports on everything from the Russian-Japanese war to the San Francisco earthquake. A precious edition that is beautifully bound and complete with stunning photos.

Translation by Silvia Accorrà (edited by Camilla Girardi)

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Stefano Di Marino
Stefano Di Marino deals with all-round popular narrative: literature, cinema and comics. He has more than ninety published novels, mostly with Mondadori. Since 1995, under the alias of Stephen Gunn, he has been publishing the series “Il Professionista” (The Professional) on "Segretissimo", a more than fifty episodes success with two dedicated series. Under his real name, he has signed action and classic novels as well as a good number of essays about cinema genres, including “Italian Giallo”, “A Western Cinema Guide” and “A War Cinema Guide”.