Robert Crais – Taken

With Taken I renewed the pleasure of reading a story by Elvis Cole and his friend and partner Joe Pyke, who investigate the disappearance of Krysta, Nita Morales’s adult daughter. In fact, the mother does not seem worried: she thinks that the girl has escaped with that good-for-nothing of her boyfriend and that the request for ransom is a trick of the couple. But she is wrong. And Cole will have to risk his life on the border between California and Mexico.

Robert Crais is a great writer, and you know why? He tells stories that are complex but always easy to follow, compelling, in a style without auteurish pretensions and with a reasonable number of pages. In short, an intelligent entertainment. Quite the opposite of certain novels of seven hundred pages and with one hundred characters, where the plot is lost and nowhere to be found. And finally a nice hard boiled thriller starring an investigator, a genre usually a little neglected.

Translation by Silvia Accorrà