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Silvio Lazzaroni – Alina

My name is Alina and I am Romanian: I know that people look at me even when I buy groceries at the supermarket. I...

Flora Pezzotti – A Meeting (dialogue)

“Excuse me, madam, may I sit here?” “Please sit down.” “Do you love this opera too?” “I love in particular all operas.” “I've never seen you here.” “I only...

Inkroci n. 29 – Cover

Cover Photo by Manuela Vanzulli

Manuela Vanzulli – The Move

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Seneca Photo by Manuela Vanzulli

Liz Quirke – Waiting Room

There is a room wide as a football pitch and narrow as a cupboard. Off to one side, a low table bears lever arch folders a person...

Beatrice Buonaguidi – The Two Goliards

Sior (Mister) Alvise Zanatta was never seen at home and many of those who knew him,  and would see him around the “calle” both...

Inkroci n. 25 – Cover

Cover photo by Manuela Vanzulli

Davide Rissone – Lacquered duck breast

I am here lying on my bed while my wife is there in the kitchen with the boy for private lessons. Since we moved...

Inkroci n. 24 – Cover

Cover photo by Manuela Vanzulli

Inkroci n. 23 – Cover

Cover photo by Manuela Vanzulli