Inkroci n. 11 – Colophon – January/February 2015


Magazine of culture and cinema
Year III – Number 11 (21/22) – July/August 2014
Authorization by the Court of Milan n. 193, April 24, 2009


Managing Director:

Sara Sagrati


Editorial Manager:

Heiko H. Caimi



Lara Gregori


Editorial staff:

Silvia Accorrà, Anna Anzani, Michele Curatolo, Anna Ettore


Art director:

Samantha Franza



Giovanni Poli


Sara Di Girolamo, Roma O’Flaherty, Sabrina Macchi, Ester Tossi, Irene Tossi



Alpini Gionatan, Clara Arosio, Valerie Bistany, Giorgia Boragini, Stefano Bragato, Antonia Buizza, Martin Doyle, Salvatore Improda, Niamh MacAlister, Lia Mills, Liz Nugent, Giorgio Olivari, Barbara Pellegrini, Giulia Romoli, Jacopo Ricci, Paola Roveda, William Wall.


Cover picture:

Fausto Capitanio


Cover design:
Anna Anzani


Head office, editorial office and administration:

Magnolia Italia
Via A. Giuffré 8/Q
20159 Milano – Italy


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