Inkroci n. 1 – Cover – March 2013

inkroci 1 en

Cover photo by Michele Larotonda

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Gianfranco Caimi
Journalist, graphic designer, Head of Press and Director of magazines, he was born in Romagnano Sesia in 1941, and in his youth practiced alpine skiing at a competitive level. After classic high school, he successfully attended the Faculty of Law for three years, then leaved it to devote himself full time to journalism. He worked as a correspondent and journalist for several newspapers, including "Nevesport Illustrato" (Illustrated Snowsport), "Sciare” (Skiing), "La Gazzetta dello Sport" (Sport Gazette), "Corriere d'Informazione" (Information Courier), "Gente Viaggi" (People Travels), "Gente motori” (People Engines), "Az Sport" and "Scienza e vita” (Science and Life). He was editor in chief of "Sciare" (Skiing) and responsible Director for "Az Sport" and "Sport Image" (magazine that he had designed and made from 1982 to 1984). He worked with Rolly Marchi to the writing of "Dove lo sci" (Where skiing), tourism book containing short stories by Buzzati, Bocca, Berto and others. He also did the upgrade of the “Storia dello Sci in Italia” (History of Skiing in Italy), a monumental work carried out by Gen. Francesco Vida, still consulted and considered as a milestone in the sports literature (CONI prize). He was involved in the Press Office of Kilometro Lanciato (Launched Kilometer) in Cervinia (1972-1976), in that of the Italian Winter Sports Federation and in that of the Italian Water Ski Federation, creating the official magazines of these sports federations. As a graphic designer he worked on numerous national magazines, including "Le Monde Cycliste", "In caso di neve" (In case of snow), "Vetro Spazio" (Glass Space), and "Golf Digest" and did the "restyling" of the official magazine of the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci ("MuseoScienza"), also making the final layout. He is photographer by passion.