Cover Inkroci n. 10 – November/December 2014




Photo by Giulia Dell’Anna


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Giulia Dell’Anna
Born in Pordenone 12th June 1988. She had been living in Venice for years where she graduated with merit in Philology and Italian literature. Giulia developed her passion for photography thanks to her father; two of her pictures have been chosen as cover books by the roman publisher L'Erudita. She has never been stuck in the same place for a long time; travelling means meeting new people, getting in touch with new cultures and exploring our own Ego. This is an experience that changes life’s perspectives and grows creativity. Currently she is living in London where she is working and planning to continue her studies. The bubble soap I bet you don't know what soap bubbles are. They're nothing but the see-through skins of sights That issue out of little pipes and rise And spin in aimless journeys on air, Which cradles them as if the wind's the same Puffs of breath from which the bubbles came. [...] (Trilussa, translation by John Duval from ‘Tales of Trilussa’)