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as you know, Inkroci has never dealt directly with the “fact of the day”, but it aims to embrace the human present with narration.
However, the marketization and the escalation of death that cross our days enforce us with the responsibility to immediately and clearly express our NO, not in our name, to the logic of war and to the financial hegemony that governs it.
And we want to do it in our own way: through art. The tormented and heart-breaking art of this song by the (band) Area, this cry, torn between the desire for peace and the need of war to the conspiracy of silence.
For Humanity to find its own way and its being before and above all things in this world.
This is what we want, in our name.

Enjoy the reading,
the editorial staff


بالسلام حطيت ورود الحب ادّامك
بالسلام مسحت بحور الدم علشانك
سيب الغضب
سيب الالم
سيب السلاح
سيب السلاح وتعال
تعال نعيش
تعال نعيش يا حبيبي
ويكون غطانا سلام
عايزاك تغني يا عيني
ويكون غناك بالسلام
سمع العالم يا قلبي وقول
سيبوا الغضب
سيبوا الالم
سيبوا السلاح
وتعالوا نعيش
تعالوا نعيش بسلام

(Egyptian transcription by Ibrahim)




My love
With peace I have placed loving flowers
at your feet
With peace
With peace I stopped the seas of blood
for you
Forget anger
Forget pain
Forget your weapons
Forget your weapons and come
Come and live with me my love
Under a blanket of peace
I want you to sing, beloved light of my eyes
And your song will be for peace
let the world hear,
my beloved and say:
Forget anger
Forget pain
Forget your weapons
Forget your weapons and come
And live in peace.

(Translation by Ale Fernandez)



Playing with the world, leaving it in pieces
Children that the sun has reduced to old age
It’s not my fault if your reality
forces me to fight your conspiracy of silence
Maybe one day we will know what it means
to drown in blood with humanity
Discoloured people, almost all the same
my anger reads above the news
reads into the past all my pain
sing my people that don’t want to die
When you see the world without problems
seek the essence of all things
It’s not my fault if your reality
Forces me to make war with humanity

(Translation by Ale Fernandez)



The Egyptian text is inspired by a popular Greek song of Macedonia.
Area’s lyrics was written by Gianni Sassi and is from the album “Arbeit Macht Frei”, 1973.
For transcription and translation from Egyptian we must thank Gianni Costa, Ammar and Ale Fernandez.
We also thank Lorenzo and the managers of the site for allowing us to use their transcription and their translation.
We must also thank Ale Fernandez and the site for allowing us to use their translations.
You can listen to Area’s song here:
You can listen to the cover song by Ale Fernandez here: