Flora Pezzotti – A Meeting (dialogue)

“Excuse me, madam, may I sit here?”
“Please sit down.”
“Do you love this opera too?”
“I love in particular all operas.”
“I’ve never seen you here.”
“I only come when there are operas I am interested in.”
“I see. Didn’t your husband come with you tonight?”
“I’m not married. I love being free and what about you, how come you are alone? Where’s your lady?”
“They are all free”. “Free of doing what? Of loving a gigolo?”
“Do I look like one?”
“A little. Very much, indeed.”
“But why do you call me gigolo?”
“I’ve seen you being cuddled by your lovers more than once.”
“If it is true that you are a serious woman, would you let a man like me run away?”
“Rest assured that I have never let even one run away.”
“That does not surprise me.”
“You must know that I am very methodical in my work. That’s why my Atelier works”.
“Don’t tell me you are competing with me”. “But what kind of work do you do in life, besides giving love?”
“A sceptical intellectual”.
“And what would this mean?”
“A man who has a taste for art, who asserts his own way of thinking and does researches in human, social and political sciences. I could almost call myself a philosopher”.
“So, shall we get to know each other then?”
“Why refusing such an opportunity?”
“Where can we meet?”
“ Where ideas come to life”.
“In my Atelier”.

Translation by Paola Roveda (edited by Sabrina Macchi)