Gloriana Orlando – Cri

Cri is a butterfly, whirling happily, forgetting everything. Cri is a little long-legged swan, who dances, dances, dances until she is exhausted and whose  incredible strength in such a small slender body managed to break the spell that tried to stop her dancing. How much pain, how many sacrifices, how many hidden renunciations all this has cost. And how much it will still cost her. But she will continue to twirl around the stage smiling and giving me the greatest joy of my life since the day of her birth.

Even if now adolescence takes her away from me and she is no longer the wren who almost always gave me the strength to go on, even if she is always locked in her room listening to music, talking for hours on the phone, even if she studies while refusing all my help, because she is stubborn even in this, and wants to do it with her own strength, even if now she answers me back over nothing and is always shady, while before she was an explosion of sunshine, I know she will be my baby again, taller than me and I hope wiser. I know she will return to fill me with sweetness and brighten my life, it is enough to wait for the hormonal storm of adolescence to pass. And I’m used to waiting. In the meantime, I just need to see her dance.

English version of Gloriana Orlando revised by Katie Griffiths

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Gloriana Orlando
Gloriana Orlando has taught "Materie Letterarie e Latino" (Literary Subjects and Latin) for several years in high schools in Catania, her home town, where she still lives; she now devotes herself full-time to writing, collaborating with several cultural magazines. He has published about ten novels, including "Scent of Poppies", translated into Romanian, "Quizás quizás. An epistolary novel", "Alienor, facebook ergo sum" on the world of virtual communication, "E noi sull'illusione...", a psychological thriller, "Il filo del tempo", with which he won the Nino Martoglio International Prize, "Un inconfessabile segreto". Numerous short stories have been included in important anthologies including "Greetings to Dickens", published in three languages, English, Italian and Bulgarian by Scalino Publishing House in Sofia. Among the numerous essays published, "La ricerca di una via d'uscita dallo sgomento di vivere" participated in the Premio Letterario Nazionale Sebastiano Addamo. The essay on De Roberto entitled 'Dalla Beata Ximena a don Blasco. Figure di religiosi ne 'I vicerè' was included in the fourth volume of an anthology of criticism entitled 'Letteratura e Sacro', published by Bastogi Libri. An essay entitled 'Italo Calvino: il 'broglio metafisico' di uno scrutatore' (Italo Calvino: the 'metaphysical fraud' of a scrutineer) was included in the fifth volume of the same anthology. From Spanish he translated "Libro de los regresos" by Daniel Salguero Díaz, "Un regalo de Navidad rojo" by Reynold Pérez Vásquez.